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Keeping technology current is difficult and delayed upgrades introduce additional complexities

Cloud is a game changer that requires planning, evaluation, then speed

AI tools are becoming increasingly personalised to cater to our every need. Will outsourcing the handling of information to AI make us ‘dumber’?

Determining sovereign industry ability to provide an ICT solution for emergency response coordination

Solving problems based on changing circumstances and business needs

Providing project management expertise to support an expanding workforce

Understanding what lies ahead for Defence industry with the implementation of the 2023 Defence Strategic Review

Understanding what lies ahead for Defence industry with the implementation of the 2023 Defence Strategic Review

Research suggests that ethical leaders provide their teams with emotional confidence that helps to foster creativity

Want to strengthen relationships and improve collaboration among your distributed teams? Consider these best practices to find the right foundation

Whether your organisation is just starting to explore the possibilities of AI or you are already looking to expand its applications, here is why a human-focused strategy will help ensure success

Providing technology delivery expertise to support a cyber capability

Utilising system solution architecture expertise to support the delivery of a large, complex project

Looking to adopt agile in your organisation – or get more from your efforts? Consider this expert advice to develop and refine agile strategy

Maintaining a strong, connected team is paramount to building relationships, scaling businesses, and recruiting top talent. Consider these real-world lessons on how to build a solid team

Scrum can help agile teams streamline workflow and reduce risk – but it is not right for every situation. Here is a primer

A novel approach to sharing security data and expertise in an atmosphere of trust

The use of eLearning can readily support awareness and understanding of new technology, the challenge can be for a diverse workforce to access the relevant information

Shaping and implementing a successful artificial intelligence strategy requires thoughtful analysis of business problems, care with data, and a strong organisational culture

In starting up a large technology project you need to have the right people and expertise on board to get it underway without undue delay

The ability to reverse engineer requirements is a novel approach to support testing of new software

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