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Navigating Project Complexity 2

Cloud is a game changer that requires planning, evaluation, then speed

The client is introducing an information technology (IT), enterprise knowledge solution that captures, collates and manages subject specific data across its end-to-end business process from various locations across the organisation.

Chatham Square has been engaged to provide system solution expertise as part of a broader industry team engaged by the client to deliver this enterprise knowledge solution. Our consultant is the technical lead for the acquisition component of this project.

The challenge in this implementation was the diverse range of issues that arose creating project complexity that had to be managed and navigated by our consultant. This is one of several case studies highlighting a particular aspect of this challenging project environment.

Implementing a cloud-based IT solution can offer numerous benefits, but it also comes with its set of challenges. Addressing these issues is crucial to ensure a successful implementation. As outlined below here are five key considerations that were addressed by our consultant:

  • Security and Compliance: Security is a top concern when moving data and applications to the cloud. Ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards is also critical. Where possible reuse and redeploy industry capability.
  • Data Governance:  Managing and governing data in the cloud requires careful consideration to ensure data integrity, privacy, and compliance. Regularly audit data access and usage.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Integrating cloud solutions with existing on-premises systems can be complex and challenging. Adopt a hybrid approach to speed up adoption.
  • Cost Management:  Cloud costs can escalate if not managed properly. Unplanned expenses may occur due to over-provisioning or inefficient resource usage. Use reserved instances for predictable workloads after real world usage is proven.
  • Monitoring and Performance Tuning: Inadequate monitoring can lead to performance bottlenecks and suboptimal resource utilization. Continuously analyse performance metrics.

Addressing these issues requires planning, ongoing monitoring, and a commitment to adapt to changing circumstances. Regularly reassessing the cloud strategy and adjusting as needed will contribute to the success of the cloud-based IT solution.

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