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E-Learning for a Diverse Workforce

The use of eLearning can readily support awareness and understanding of new technology, the challenge can be for a diverse workforce to access the relevant information

The client sought to broaden their workforce awareness and understanding of simulation technology, and how it is applied, to enable and support the organisation’s performance across all levels of delivery.

Chatham Square was engaged to provide subject matter expertise to the support the development of an e-Learning package.

A key challenge with a large diverse organisation having multiple job employment categories was how to tailor relevant aspects of the package to those staff. The solution was to develop generic e-learning personas aligned with key employment streams and attributes that allowed appropriate discrimination and focus of the interactive content in the delivery of training.

Other consultancy support included review of the initial eLearning structure and content, curating and input of draft content, learning development and peer review of the final deliverable.

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