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Navigating Project Complexity 3

Keeping technology current is difficult and delayed upgrades introduce additional complexities

The client is introducing an information technology (IT), enterprise knowledge solution that captures, collates and manages subject specific data across its end-to-end business process from various locations across the organisation.

Chatham Square has been engaged to provide system solution expertise as part of a broader industry team engaged by the client to deliver this enterprise knowledge solution. Our consultant is the technical lead for the acquisition component of this project.

The challenge in this implementation was the diverse range of issues that arose creating project complexity that had to be managed and navigated by our consultant. This is one of several case studies highlighting a particular aspect of this challenging project environment.

When technology upgrades are delayed during the implementation of a new enterprise IT solution, several complexities may arise, potentially impacting the success of the project. Based on our consultant’s experience with this project here are five key challenges that organisations may face in achieving desired business IT objectives:

  • Compatibility Issues: Delayed technology upgrades may result in a misalignment between the new IT solution and existing infrastructure, software versions or enterprise information sharing.
  • Security Vulnerabilities: Outdated technologies are more susceptible to security vulnerabilities, as they may lack the latest patches and security features.
  • Increased Technical Debt: Technical debt refers to the accumulation of suboptimal or inefficient coding practices and outdated technologies.
  • Higher Support and Maintenance Costs: Maintaining and supporting outdated technologies can be more expensive due to the scarcity of skilled resources and increased reliance on custom solutions.
  • Difficulty in Scaling: Outdated technologies may lack the scalability required to accommodate the growing needs of the organisation.

To address these complexities, our consultant collaborated closely with all stakeholders to systematically work with vendors to improve security postures of legacy products, implement solutions to quarantine and isolate insecure elements. As well as concurrently re-planning project delivery to ensure technical debt was reduced in timeframes that were practical and realistic. This ensured business operations were not impacted and benefits were realised.

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