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Supporting an Expanding Workforce

Providing project management expertise to support an expanding workforce

The client’s challenge in having a step change in capability was accommodating a new and evolving team, as part of an expanding workforce within its organisation, and ensuring the new staff had access to the right technology and fit for purpose office space.  As part of the parent organisation’s long term development strategy, a bespoke facility was to be built for use by this team once they were fully established.  The question was how to enable the team to work and operate effectively in the interim period.

Chatham Square was engaged through an industry partner to provide project team support to assist in the development and management of this transition, with a primary focus on acquiring the appropriate technology and obtain suitable office space.

As part of the project team, our consultant was to act the interface between the new team and the parent organisation.  A multi-faceted approach was used in addressing the office space requirements. There was the retrofitting of existing office space to accommodate the team, as well as identifying other suitable office space within the local area.  This in effect established a ‘precinct’ for the new team to grow into.  This was complemented with the acquisition of IT hardware and software, to allow team members to undertake their work. The available office space was optimised with smart use of fixtures and furniture.

The key aspects to the successful outcome of this task were:

  • Identify short term and long term goals
  • Apply incremental effort to meet short term requirements
  • Determine what is important with priority of effort for key systems
  • Concurrent activity with short term fixes and long term planning

Above all it was found that early input into design was fundamental and ensuring ongoing stakeholder engagement was maintained.

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