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Software being Fit for Purpose

The ability to reverse engineer requirements is a novel approach to support testing of new software

Chatham Square was engaged to develop a verification and validation (V&V) test plan to test a new software that was replacing a legacy system. The challenge was the unstructured approach to the client’s documented requirements. The solution was to develop high level functional requirements based on various project documents and use the module descriptions for the software development to align the testing to those requirements.

We ensured the testing scope was tightly controlled for the purpose of the team’s primary focus. In addition, the V&V plan was nested into a larger V&V program.

Chatham Square supported the V&V activity, drafted a post V&V report to the project manager outlining the functionality achieved, any key deficiencies to be addressed and identifying potential future requirements as part of the ongoing development.

We were able to utilise our experience in V&V and problem solving to identify the requirements and work with the client to develop a solution that met their needs.

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