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Providing Health Professional Services in South Australia

Supporting the SA Health Professional Services Panel

SA Health has an open panel arrangement in place for the provision of a range of Professional Services to support in the delivery of its strategic objectives. This panel was re-opened earlier this year, providing the opportunity for new suppliers to enter the panel as well as current panel suppliers wanting to respond to a new Sub Panel. Inclusion on the panel was based on experience, capability and capacity.

Chatham Square and its consortium partner Xynoptik (SA registered business) are delighted to have been selected to provide specified consulting services to the SA Health Professional Services Panel. There were six sub panels, and the consortium was successful in its nominated three sub panels which are listed below.

  • Sub Panel 1 – Project Services (Xynoptik lead)
  • Sub Panel 2 – Business and Advisory Services (Chatham Square lead)
  • Sub Panel 5 – ICT Services (Chatham Square lead)

Both businesses are privileged to be available to provide their services to SA government hospitals and health stakeholders to meet their development and delivery needs. As previously reported, Chatham Square established a local office in Adelaide earlier this year in anticipation of this outcome and be positioned to support future work. We now look forward, in collaboration with our consortium partner Xynoptik, to responding to future opportunities as they arise.

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