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Navigating Project Complexity 1

Solving problems based on changing circumstances and business needs

The client is introducing an IT enterprise knowledge solution that captures, collates and manages subject specific data across its end-to-end business process from various locations across the organisation.

Chatham Square has been engaged to provide system solution expertise as part of a broader industry team engaged by the client to deliver this enterprise knowledge solution. Our consultant is the technical lead for the acquisition component of this project.

The challenge in this implementation was the diverse range of issues that arose creating project complexity that had to be managed and navigated by our consultant. This is the first in our series of case studies highlighting a particular aspect of this challenging project environment.

One of the key issues was the ability to manage changing circumstances and achieve ‘first of type’ outcomes. As a result, several problems arose that included scope understanding, integration challenges, communication breakdowns and multi-level vendor relationship challenges.

To mitigate these issues our Technical Lead adopted several solutions that included targeted stakeholder engagement with regular communication with key stakeholders on managing the issues as they arose. A feedback mechanism was established to deeply embed users and stakeholders in the project which:

  • identified necessary adjustments to the delivery of the knowledge management solution,
  • prioritised issues and requirements based on their impact on business goals and criticality,
  • created a roadmap that sequenced implementation tasks logically to ensure a smooth transition.

He ensured thorough testing at various stages of the implementation process to identify and resolve issues. The solution design incorporated scalability and flexibility in mind to accommodate future changes in business and industry requirements, and this helped in building a solution that can adapt to evolving needs.

By incorporating these strategies, you can create a more adaptive and resilient enterprise-wide IT knowledge management solution that responds effectively to changing circumstances and business needs.

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