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Implementing a Cyber Capability

Providing technology delivery expertise to support a cyber capability

The client as part of a larger enterprise is faced with an increasing complex and challenging cyber environment. As a result, a project was initiated to further develop the organisation’s cyber capabilities.

Chatham Square as part of a project team is assisting the client in enhancing its cyber capabilities as part of a broader enterprise focus in cyber. The project objective is to build up a trained workforce and equip it with the appropriate tools and systems.

Our consultant is acting as the interface between the client’s users and the project team. He oversees and coordinates integration between the project team and in-house management for project funding, integrated logistic support, testing and evaluation, and external provider engagement. Other responsibilities include managing security accreditation, with support to enterprise accreditation efforts and infrastructure security accreditation as well as assisting with the configuration management of software applications and hardware being installed.

In performing his role our consultant operates in a dynamic project environment that requires flexibility and agility in the way he works. He regularly engages with stakeholders, identifying any gaps, risks, or issues and manages obstacles that impede successful capability delivery. A key focus is collaboration across the enterprise including client staff and other contractors. 

This project is ongoing.

Do you need support in implementing cyber capabilities? Contact us to discuss how we can collaborate with your team to support you to develop the best outcome for your organisation.

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