About Us

Chatham Square was established with the desire to provide a meeting place of ideas and expertise to allow a diversity of thinking to an issue that can face a client. In short, providing a different perspective on the development of solutions to meet client needs with the work of today and for the challenges of tomorrow.

We provide management and technology consulting services that support clients achieve their ambition.

Our philosophy is aligned to the renowned Chatham House rule which was first created in 1927 with some refinement over time. This rule is used to encourage openness and the sharing of information.

We are proud to base our business ethos on this history and tradition which creates an environment for us to provide valued outcomes for our clients.

In that vein our values are based on collegiality, candidness, and care in what we do; as well as celebrate, being due recognition of, individual and team achievements. These values represent the 4 Cs of Chatham Square.

And as part of our team, if you take advantage of the opportunities we provide, you can shape your own career and we will support your life ambitions.

Our services are focused on People, Performance, Project Delivery, Process and Technology. And we have the benefit of an extensive network of fellow professionals to support consultation and project delivery.

We are a privately owned Australian business.

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