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Introducing an IT based Enterprise Knowledge Solution

Utilising system solution architecture expertise to support the delivery of a large, complex project

The client is seeking to introduce a commercial, information technology (IT), enterprise knowledge solution that captures subject specific data, and collates and manages the information across its end-to-end business process from various locations across the organisation.

The solution will be required to provide greater business functionality, utilise an informatics process and enable efficient and effective service delivery. It will be required to interface with other IT platforms, as well as with business partners both here and internationally. 

Chatham Square has been engaged to provide system solution expertise as part of a broader industry team engaged by the client to deliver this enterprise knowledge solution. Our consultant has performed the role of the solution lead for the acquisition component of this IT project. He was responsible for: 

  • developing a solution architecture for the future enterprise knowledge system, that captured the business requirements across all stakeholders, along with the technical requirements to enable integration of the application into the wider organisation IT environment  
  • working with the project delivery team to develop an approach to delivery and subsequent ongoing support of the enterprise knowledge system
  • collaborating with the commercial team to develop a contract for the IT solution to be delivered by the selected supplier
  • supporting the business IT executive team to lead them through the evaluation and negotiation activities for this large and complex project 
  • assisting with the development of the documentation required to obtain final business approval 

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