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Understanding Your Whole of Life Costs

A key input for a project to be successful is effective life cycle costing analysis

The client required technical expertise to support them in developing a whole of life cost model prior to solicitation to industry.

Supporting an industry partner and working as part of a team-based approach Chatham Square provided subject matter expertise support for life cycle costing analysis.

Our work involved identifying and analysing key cost drivers for through-life support of the project and developing a Life Cycle Cost model for the project. This model covered an extensive range of cost elements which included aspects of engineering, maintenance, personnel, facilities, and logistics. A highlight of this project was scenario modelling the project support arrangement options, which led to the development of comprehensive project approval documentation and the Life Cycle Cost estimation for the project.

We also developed the Life Cycle Cost scope for Approach to Market documentation, as well as supporting the evaluation of responses from a cost and financial perspective.

Do you need additional life cycle costing capacity? Contact us to discuss how we can work with your team to support you to develop the best solution for your organisation.

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