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Mentoring a Senior Executive

Tailored support to develop leadership and management potential

The client required mentoring services for a newly installed senior executive team. On commencement of this task there was an initial period of in-briefing and introductions which included a preliminary discussion on scope, key challenges, what they wanted to achieve, and the way ahead.

Our consultant was then contacted on a periodic basis to provide mentoring advice either face to face or via electronic means, whichever was the most effective within the current pandemic environment.

This advice related to issues ranging from guidance on strategic planning through to support on day-to-day technical and management challenges being faced. Our mentoring support is currently ongoing.

Successful mentoring is a two-way process between the mentor and mentee that is based on trust. Investing in mentoring is a useful and cost-effective way to develop staff that keeps them engaged and energised. As well as improving communication skills and relationships, a mentoring program helps facilitate the transfer of business knowledge and skills from our experienced team, while building an effective pipeline of future leaders who understand what is required to succeed.

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