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Influencing Design with an Operational Concept

Providing a logical narrative with clear, simple illustrations can readily convey an operational concept to the reader

The client needed to influence the outcome of a capability design process. The issue was a lack of a completed operational concept upon which to justify their proposed changes. And as the design process was already underway there was a time imperative to complete this document.

Chatham Square working with an industry partner provided expertise across a range of skills to address this requirement.

Our consultants commenced the task with a partially developed document that required significant review and re-structuring. The document had appropriate content however lacked coherence and had some key information gaps. It was a case of determining the appropriate structure and format to provide a logical narrative for the reader to follow. And to readily identify material that would address the gaps in the document.

In working with the client, in an iterative process, our consultants were able to rapidly re-write the operational concept to have it endorsed for use.

The key aspects to the successful outcome of this task were:

  • Determine the most appropriate structure and format with client buy in.
  • Review existing documents as they can have a right content to address gaps.
  • Always have ongoing checks with a ‘fresh pair of eyes’.
  • Use clear and simple graphics to illustrate key aspects of a concept.
  • With limited time available keep your stakeholder engagement focused.

Do you need assistance in developing a capability concept? Contact us to discuss how we can work with your team to support you to develop the best outcome for your organisation.

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