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Developing a Business Case

Establishing the case to unlock investment for an asset upgrade

The client’s challenge was to develop a business case for an existing asset that needed additional capacity and functionality to meet its organisation’s future needs.  The business case would provide justification for investment with a proposed procurement approach and budget, all within an environment of increased budgetary pressures.

Chatham Square was engaged through an industry partner to provide subject matter expertise for business case development.

Our consultants commenced the task with previous approved business cases for benchmarking and reviewed the latest operational concept and requirements of the asset to ensure traceability in developing the business case. It was found there was appropriate content available, however, there was a need to establish a logical and evidenced based argument.  The business case provided a recommended procurement solution through an options analysis with supporting rationale and risk assessment. Accurate costings were also required to support the proposed purchases.

In working with the client in an iterative process, our consultants were able to prepare the initial draft business case for the asset to be upgraded. The key aspects that led to the successful outcome of this task were:

  • Determine the most appropriate structure and format with client buy in.
  • Keep your stakeholder engagement focused.
  • Review existing documents to maintain consistency with your approach.
  • Always have ongoing checks with a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ for critical analysis.
  • Provide a clear and concise executive summary.

Do you need support in developing a business case for a new project? Contact us to discuss how we can work with your team to support you to develop the best outcome for your organisation.

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