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Forecasting the Future

Research and analysis to inform long term strategic planning

The client required a study, to be undertaken in a short timeframe, on the long-term global outlook over the next two decades to support wargaming activities as part of their strategic planning process.

Our consultant initiated this quick turnaround task with a scan of strategic outlooks provided by both public and private sector organisations which included government agencies, international and domestic think tanks, financial institutions, industry groups and management consultancies. The scan incorporated societal, economic and technology areas. Most studies utilised a scenario-based methodology upon which key indicators were identified that would indicate trends towards forecasted end states.  

From a consolidated reference list an exemplar report was selected to provide the framework upon which an executive summary presentation was developed. This structure allowed for the incorporation of different perspectives to be included from other sources in a coherent manner.  

This overarching presentation was supported by a suite of detailed briefs covering the key areas of interest that provided the client the opportunity to investigate a particular aspect if they chose to do so.  On completion of this activity, a detailed reading list was also provided for those readers seeking further study of a specific topic.  

The client gave positive feedback on the various products that were developed in the time that was available. They provided very useful context for the preparation of the wargaming activities.

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