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Wargaming for the Future

The use of scenarios that are based on credible research and used as part of experimental wargaming can be a game changer for an organisation in understanding what needs to be done to be future ready

The client’s challenge was to ensure it is capable to face future threats in the coming decades. The use of scenario-based experimentation assisted with identifying and prioritising those capability gaps.

Supporting an industry partner and working as part of a team, Chatham Square provided research and scenario development expertise. A series of scenarios were developed to support wargames as part of an experimentation program to inform future requirements for a large organisation.

The scenarios provided capabilities for the different actors in play, having friendly, unfriendly or neutral profiles for the specified wargame to support the experiment.

Chatham Square consultancy support included research in the public domain and on various classified client systems to obtain the material to develop credible illustrative scenarios to support experimental activities. Using scenario based wargaming is one of the tools that can support capability development in your organisation. Contact us to see how we can help.

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